This body of work is collected from an X-ray, Google Earth residential maps and tiny areas of photographs and sketches made while walking in the New England landscape.

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Artist Statement

Our bodies have become frag­mented, in the same manner as the land­scape we live in. Social, medical, and memory systems become more specialized, and as they do, our focus becomes more compartmentalized.

I’m inter­ested in portraying a collage-like space created from looking at the body and land as parallel envi­ron­ments, each with their own mix of beauty and terror. I hope to portray a sense of coex­isting discon­nection that talks about our frag­mented expe­rience within these environments.

This body of work is collected from a single X-ray I received in South Africa, Google Earth resi­dential maps of Johan­nesburg, and tiny areas of photographs and sketches I’ve made of my surroundings while walking in the New England land­scape. The brushed India ink mark making is a trans­lation of a personal mapping of nature and earth, of expe­ri­ences both physical and emotional. The flat colour planes are specific to a personal and cultural envi­ronment. The generous areas of white space signify absence. My aim is to make these areas active so that they flip between positive and negative, or back­ground and fore­ground — simu­lating memory shifts.

These works are very specific to place — exterior and interior — redefining land­scape as an evolving rela­tionship between expe­rience, memory, feeling, perception, analysis, recording and the formation of personal symbols.

India ink, Flashe and acrylic paint on polypropylene and paper.

The scale range:
site specific wall works, 6’ x 5’, to 50” x 38” and 11” x 8”.

2009 — current